A Good Example of Bad Insurance Lead Gen Marketing

Quick Tip for all of the new (and experienced) agents out there.

Don’t buy an email list and bulk spam insurance quote or any other marketing offer. It’s a poor tactic at best for business contacts and flat out illegal to send to consumer addresses.

This posts was prompted by some upcoming Open Enrollment Medicare spam that hit my inbox today thanks to the folks at Scoop Interactive, LLC.

Screenshot below
Scoop Interactive LLC email spam

Bonus Tip #1: Regardless of how slick you may think you are, if you spam you can be found.

Bonus Tip #2: If you buy insurance leads it might be worthwhile to see if the spammer is trying to sell the leads.  If they are sending traffic to a lead vendor property, then my advice would be to avoid that source.  It is a good sign that the lead company does not have a good handle on affiliate partners.

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